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In 1983, 100PLUS was created to mark Fraser & Neave’s 100 years in Asia, embodying hope and empowerment. As a rehydrating, re-energising refreshment, 100PLUS continues to inspire and motivate Malaysians to thirst for more and go beyond with its special blend of fluids and electrolytes.

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KIPID100 with 100PLUS

At every milestone and progress along the journey of your success, 100PLUS pushes you, fuels you and encourages you to give your 100% and unlock your potential in everything you pursue! KIPID100 (keep it 100) wherever, whenever with 100PLUS! Sentiasa Onz, Bila 100!

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The perfect blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates for replenishment and hydration

Hydrates better and more effectively than water to maintain bodily functions

Non-fizz hydration providing an immediate source of energy for intensive workouts

Packed with added Vitamin B3, B6 and B12 for longer lasting energy, focus and better performance

Less sweet variant with only 4g sugar per 100ml

Replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost in an active day with no added sweetener

With added minerals and glucose to keep you hydrated with an extra zing!

Rehydrate, refresh and re-energise your body to be always ready for the next challenge

Zero Sugar, zero calorie refreshment with the same great taste

Sugar-free and calorie-free to keep you replenished so you can get the most out of every moment





Reduced Sugar

Reduced Sugar

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime

Zero Sugar

Zero Sugar


Serve, smash, and score with the help of 100PLUS! Formulated with electrolytes to help you stay focused and perform better in every game!

hot weather

Beat the heat with 100PLUS! Formulated with electrolytes and minerals, 100PLUS helps regulate body temperature and replenish lost fluids.


Being 2% dehydrated can affect your concentration and productivity levels. 100PLUS rehydrates and sharpens mental concentration to maximise your everyday productivity, be it working or studying.


It’s always GG (good game) with 100PLUS! Formulated with electrolytes to keep you focused and perform better in all your games to beat your personal best records!


Balance out scrumptious meals with a great tasting refreshment that hydrates better than water!


Keep your eyes on the road and beat your personal records with 100PLUS! Recharge, rehydrate and stay focused with the help of electrolytes and minerals.


Enjoy everything your vacation has to offer while staying hydrated with 100PLUS! Re-energise yourself and stay hydrated while you explore new destinations, on foot or otherwise.


Time to hit those reps! Rehydrate better with 100PLUS as a sustainable hydration source to increase endurance, help with recovery and enhance performance during and after workout.

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