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Even if we’re not doing anything at all, our bodies are constantly losing fluids. Which is why it’s important to always stay hydrated as we pursue our many passions and daily responsibilities.

How? With 100PLUS, of course! Formulated with the right amount of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes, 100PLUS keeps us optimally hydrated. For us to stay focused and perform at our 100% all day, every day!

100PLUS hydrates
better than water.

Staying hydrated
improves alertness
and concentration.

Being dehydrated
by just 2% impairs
mental performance.

In conjunction with World Hydration Day on 23rd June, 100PLUS aspires to keep total of 100,000 Malaysians hydrated, as a way to remind and increase the awareness on importance of hydration as the No.1 Hydration Partner in Malaysia.

That is not all, there’s a full line-up of fun events, activities and promotions happening in June! Mark your calendar on these dates and join us to celebrate this meaningful day! Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated all the time, especially if you’re staying in this summer-all-year-long part of the world!

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